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Hi and welcome to DD's Fancy Creations. I am Delfina and I love to craft beautiful things. I see creative possibilities everywhere and I love sharing them with others to brighten there day. A beautiful greeting card is the perfect way to send a lovely message to someone.

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Coming soon, I am delighted to offer a subscription service for monthly mini-clearing and prayer work each month. It is to help you get through the month and in-between sessions. The service is also for those who cannot get a session because of time constraints and scheduling, this will help you in your daily life. As you all know, one of my most powerful gifts the Spirit has given me is the ability to clear and to remedy what is needed for you.

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Inspired jewelry are infused with all the healing work that I do, they are charged with the SRT clearing work to include 108 mantras of Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. The crystals are energized with protection and intention plus the crystals are measured for your muscle strength; all of the pieces have my individual attention and as long as you own the stone, the piece is permanently stimulated… Prices are from $60.00 to $80.00 with free shipping…If you are interested please contact me on my Contact Page…

Classics from Jeanette Ann Wilson

Divine Awakening - Clearing From Within Advanced Level

The Divine Awakening

Clearing From Within, Advanced Level

Create the space for true healing to begin with this outstanding new audio program from professional Clearer, Healer, Channel, Jeanette Ann Wilson
Use for clearing old wounds, patterns, and beliefs and lift the frequency of your space, your physical and spiritual bodies and much more. With music by William Barnett

Get immediate delivery with the downloadable mp3 edition, only $19.99

Intentions for the Soul Audio by Jeanette WilsonIntentions for the Soul

Take control of your thoughts and create the life you desire!

Are you ready to begin achieving your goals and desires and living the life you want?
Do you seek Peace, Prosperity, Health, Love, Joy, Money, and a Deeper Connection?
By using positive intentions /affirmations daily you will be able to change your reality by attracting to you all the positive situations and results you’ve been hoping for. Your thoughts create your reality. When you lose or don’t pay attention to your thoughts you start attracting to you negative situations.
Repeating daily intentions helps keep you focused on creating the life you really want!
Are you having trouble finding the right affirmation’s to say, or to remember to do them daily ?
Intentions For The Soul can help you!
Let the Universe and your subconscious mind work for you.
Intentions For The Soul has over 50 of the most positive and easy affirmations that you can say daily, out loud or listen to while you relax . . . in your car, home, or even while you sleep.
Take control of your thoughts and create the life and things you desire Now!

Get immediate delivery with the downloadable mp3 edition, only $9.99

Clearing From Within Audio by Jeanette WilsonClearing From Within (mp3)

This audio offers you a gentle but effective tool to help keep you clear and balanced through out your day, as you know, your words and your intent are extremely powerful.
I have put together a extremely powerful yet gentle tool that you may use as often as you like to help keep your self clear of negative influences.
If you have ever had a Spiritual Response Therapy session you are aware of the profound difference it can make in your life.
This audio works in the same way a long-distance session would be if we where on the phone.
These clearing statements will gently and easily release all unwanted accumulated energies and more.
This clearing session can be use safely as often as you like to keep you and your family and your space clear.
I give thanks to Spirit for allowing me to bring this wonderful energy and information to you.
Allowing your self the choice to be cleared give you the freedom to be in charge of your life and destiny.

Clearing From Within Audio by Jeanette WilsonOrder Clearing From Within and download immediately
(requires mp3 capability) Only $19.99

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