What’s Holding You Back?

 Private Sessions With Jeanette Wilson

Jeanette specializes in long-distance private, healing, clearing and reading sessions. She combines the use of Spiritual Response Therapy, Reiki Energy and Channeling.


These sessions are an extremely powerful way to move through and clear blocks that are keeping you from moving forward in life. Some of what you can expect from these sessions includes:

  • Learn what negative thoughts processes are keeping you from attaining your full potential, and learn how to clear them
  • Learn to develop your psychic, intuitive abilities
  • Communicate with deceased love one’s helping them to move on
  • Create your own reality
  • Learn tools for Stress Management
  • Create your good with the power of your words
  • Clear and remove negative energies from your Life, Career, Family, Animals, Home, Workspace & More
  • Be successful at shielding and protecting yourself
  • Find out your soul’s purpose
  • Research and learn you’re past lives
  • Learn to connect with your Guides and Angels
  • Claim your Divine Prosperity
  • Live a more harmonious and balanced life
  • And more!


Hour and half hour sessions available by appointment. All sessions are pre-paid and if not canceled within 48 hours, will be billed. We will make every attempt to reschedule to accommodate you.

Keeping Yourself Clear, Keeps You in Charge of Your Life and Your Destiny


To schedule your private session with Jeanette

Call (623) 337-4706 or Email/Contact Page